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The analog age

It all started in the late 70's, with my father's camera, a 35mm single-lens reflex Canon AE-1. During trips with my parents I learned (with ups and downs) the basics of photography, like aperture and exposure settings, the difference between all those ASA film rolls etc.

The fact that in an instant, by pushing just a button, you could freeze a moment in time was magic for me. Going to a photo store to deliver those film rolls for development was also quite fun (sounds a bit prehistoric today).



The digital age

At the end of the 90's I bought my first digital camera, the Sony DSC-S70. Followed by my first DSLR the Nikon D70, many models and lens combinations followed like the Nikon D70s/D200/D700/etc.

Besides the excellent quality of the photos that you get by using that kind of material there is a big downside; weight and size. These are a real burden when walking thru nature or traveling abroad.

Today I go more for ASAP kind of material (as small as possible)

At the moment (2018) I'm using the Sony RX10 III camera, an excellent "bridge camera" with a 24-600mm F4 lens! Another brand that I like is FujiFilm, specially the mirrorless X-Series.

I continued photographing during all those early years until Video started to show up.

Video &TV

After working with different TV-stations, I said goodbye and stepped into the world of Graphic Design.

I have worked for several companies as a New Media Designer, creating printed material, websites and presentation projects. Lately I'm more specialised in online graphic content creation.

If you had already visited this website before, you have probably noticed that I changed the design several times; the reason being that I used this website as a playground for my profession.