And now a word from our sponsors! myself…

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website! My name is Dirk Beckers. I live in Antwerp (Belgium), and as you already noticed, my hobby is wildlife and nature photography.

With the revolution of digital photography and mobiles, everyone takes photos these days, hundreds even thousands of them every year.

We all store them on hard disks or in the cloud, and every year that collection gets bigger and bigger, but we forget to enjoy all those beautiful moments.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to make this website, to enjoy a selection of the best of my photo collection, in that way you all can enjoy them as well. Because after all, Isn’t that the purpose of taking photos?

Dirk Beckers standing on the banks of the Guayabero river in La Macarena, Colombia.

Wildlife & Nature Photography

I chose wildlife and nature as my main topics because I like to be outdoors, walking, hiking and observing fauna and flora. To be clear, I do not earn any money with this website, and I don’t pretend to call myself a professional wildlife & nature photographer.

It really started in Costa Rica

My interest in this kind of photography started with a trip to Costa Rica. In 2010 I rented a 4×4 and spent a couple of days in different locations in the rainforest. In every corner and tree, something was going on. I had not enough time to capture all that beauty. Unfortunately, I had not the appropriate equipment (I had only a Nikkor 70-300mm lens at that time), but the experience was really overwhelming! So by the end of the trip, I had started a new hobby and had to search for better gear.

Access to a wide variety of wildlife in Belgium is limited compared to Costa Rica, especially when you live in a city. The most common animals (besides some drunk monkeys at night) are birds, with over 400 species flying around. They are at the moment the main subject of my photography. Wildlife and nature photography is always in my mind. If my holiday is not going to be an “only nature trip”, then I try to visit zoos and natural parks where possible either locally or abroad.

By choosing this kind of photography, I chose the most difficult type unconsciously. However thrilling and adventurous it might be, it comes with many challenges: capturing the unpredictable and elusive animals. It requires a lot of practice, preparation and patience to take that perfect shot. Animal behaviour, weather conditions, locations, and lots more are problems to overcome, but in the end, when you finally have “that” perfect photo, satisfaction and fun are guaranteed!