First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website! My name is Dirk Beckers, I live in Antwerp (Belgium) and my hobby is wildlife and nature photography.

With the revolution of digital photography and mobiles, everyone takes photos these days, hundreds even thousands of them every year. We all store them on hard disks or in the cloud, and every year that collection gets bigger and bigger but we forget to enjoy all those beautiful moments; that’s one of the reasons why I decided to make this website, to enjoy a selection of the best of my photo collection, in that way you all can enjoy them as well.

Because after all, Isn’t it the purpose of taking photos?

The photos on this website are high-resolution, so it’s needless to say that for maximum enjoyment it is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.

Everyone takes photos these days


Canon AE-1 analog camera
35mm single-lens reflex Canon AE-1 camera


It all started in the late 70s, with my father’s camera, a 35mm single-lens reflex Canon AE-1. During trips with my parents, I learned (with ups and downs) the basics of photography, aperture, shutter speed and all those different ASA film rolls.

The idea that in an instant, by pushing just a button, you could freeze a moment in time was magical for me. Going to a photo store to pick-up the results was always super exciting.

But at the end of the 90s analogue photography started to die and I stepped into the world of digital photography.


The first digital camera I bought was the Sony DSC-S70 (You can call it my first Sony). This camera had a whopping 3-megapixel resolution and could zoom 2x. Soon other cameras followed, like the first affordable DSLR from Nikon, the D70 with interchangeable lens.

Since then many cameras and lenses combinations have passed thru my hands. I could afford it by selling my old gear as second hand for good prices. That’s the only way to keep up with the latest technology.


Dirk Beckers in Costa Rica
Waiting for wildlife action in Costa Rica


I chose wildlife and nature as my main topics because I like to be outdoors, walking, hiking and observing fauna and flora.

Wildlife & Nature Photography is considered one of the most difficult types of photography. However thrilling and adventurous it might be, it comes with a lot of challenges; the biggest being to capture the unpredictable and elusive animals. It requires a lot of practice, preparation and patience to take that perfect shot. Animal behaviour, weather conditions, locations, and lots more are problems to overcome, but in the end, when you finally have “that” perfect photo, satisfaction and fun are guaranteed!

Unfortunately, access to a wide variety of wildlife in Belgium is limited, the most common animals here are Birds, with over more than 400 species flying around they are at the moment the main subject of my photography. Wildlife and Nature photography is always in my mind, if my trip is not going to be an “only nature holiday” then I try to visit Zoos and Natural Parks where possible either locally or abroad.

Group of Photographers
Large groups of people standing with their cameras on the same spot

Because this kind of photography became popular since the introduction of digital cameras, you will see often large groups of people standing with their cameras on the same spot in parks/woods etc.

To be honest that is NOT my kind of photography! The same for those organised trips to an exotic destination with other fellow photographers, that’s a no-no for me! I believe strongly that wildlife photography is a solitaire activity to search, discover and experience wildlife.



In the early 80s, I joined a local video club and discovered the world of filming and video editing. I got so interested that I decided to turn it into my profession.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to work as a camera-operator and video-editor for a production house that made documentaries for Belgian National TV (BRTN).

In 1992 I started to work for the first commercial TV-station in Flanders VTM. As an all-round video-technician I did different kinds of jobs; Studio camera-operator, Quality controller, Tape manager and ACR operator.

Later I joined VT4 as a camera-operator and vision-mixer. At the same time, I was creating the first beta-website of VT4.

Almost 30 years later everything has changed in the Broadcast world. Computers and robots took over the place of many video technicians. For example, most camera-operators in a studio are replaced by robotics – VTM News studio (photo courtesy of BARCO Belgium).

New Media Designer
Designing my logo on a Wacom Cintiq


After working with different TV-stations, I said goodbye to the Broadcast world and stepped into Graphic Design. I have worked for several companies as a New Media Designer, graphic marketing, online graphic content creator, prototyping and UX designer for websites and applications.



I am a hobby wildlife, nature, travel, bird and landscape photographer living in Antwerp (Belgium). Professionally I have worked with different broadcast TV stations as a camera operator, video editor and vision mixer. At present, I am primarily doing graphic marketing, online graphic content creation, prototyping and UX design for websites and applications. Click here for more…



Maybe you already noticed that I don’t use watermarks on my photos, because they are distracting and after all, they are easy to remove with Adobe Photoshop. For non-commercial uses, my photos are free to share but if you are interested in using one of my photos for commercial purposes in a legal way, please contact me. If you use my photos for commercial purposes without my consent, please be aware that I do reverse image search on a regular basis!
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