First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website! My name is Dirk Beckers, I live in Antwerp (Belgium) and my hobby is wildlife and nature photography.

We are storing our ever growing collection of digital photographs on hard disks or even in the cloud, after a while that collection is getting so big that we are forgetting to enjoy them.

That's the reason why I decided to make a website with a selection of the best of my photos all collected into a Photoblog, in that way you and the rest of the world can enjoy them.

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About Introduction
Wildlife & Nature

I chose wildlife and nature as my main topics because I like to be outdoors, walking, hiking and observing fauna and flora.

Wildlife photography is one of the more challenging forms of photography. Animals are difficult to approach and thus a knowledge of the animal's behavior is needed in order to be able to predict its actions. Photographing some species may require stalking skills or the use of a hide/blind for concealment.

Unfortunately access to a wide variety of wildlife in Belgium is limited, the most common animals here are birds, with over more than 400 species flying around they are at the moment the main subject of my photography.

Wildlife and nature photography are always in my mind, even on a city trip, if my journey doesn’t take me to a “only nature holiday” then I try to visit Zoos and Natural Parks if possible either locally or abroad.

In the near future I will start publishing wildlife and nature videos; but because video demands a bit more work than just publishing photos, this will be a work in progress. So keep checking my website for updates on this!


The Analog Age

It all started in the late 70's, with my father's camera, a 35mm single-lens reflex Canon AE-1 (photo 1). During trips with my parents I learned (with ups and downs) the basics of photography, like aperture and shutter speed, the difference between all those ASA film rolls, etc.

The idea that in an instant, by pushing just a button, you could freeze a moment in time was magical for me. Going to a photo store to deliver those film rolls for development was also quite fun (sounds a bit prehistoric nowadays).

The Digital Age

At the end of the 90's I bought my first digital camera, the Sony DSC-S70 (photo 2). Followed by my first DSLR the Nikon D70 (photo 3), many models and lens combinations followed like the Nikon D70s/D200/D700/D7000/D800 (photo 4)/etc.

Besides the excellent quality of the photos that you get by using that kind of material (photo 4,5,6) there is a big downside; weight and size. These are a real burden when walking thru nature or traveling abroad.

Today I go more for ASAP kind of material (as small as possible) At the moment (2018) I'm using the Sony RX10 III camera (photo 7), an excellent "bridge camera" with a 24-600mm F4 lens! I also like FujiFilm cameras, specially the mirrorless X-Series (photo 8,9).

Video & Broadcast

In the early 80's I joined a local video club and discovered the world of filming and video editing. I got so interested that I decided to turn it into my profession.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to work as a camera-operator and video-editor for a production house that made documentaries for Belgian National TV, BRTN (today called VRT).

In 1992 I signed a contract with the first commercial station in Flanders VTM to work as an all-round video-technician.

Later I joined VT4 (today called Vier) as a camera-operator and vision-mixer. At the same time, I was creating the first beta-website of VT4.

(Photo VTM News Studio courtesy of Barco N.V.).

Graphic Design

After working with different TV-stations, I said goodbye to the Broadcast world and stepped into Graphic Design. I have worked for several companies as a New Media Designer, creating printed material, websites and presentation projects. Lately I'm more specialised in online graphic content creation.

If you had already visited this website before, you have probably noticed that I have changed the design several times; the reason why is that I used this website as a playground for my profession.

More content soon available!

More content soon available!


If you are new to web design you probably tried one of the many online website builders like Wix, Squarespace and hundreds of other companies. Although this is ok for a basic website I recommend to stay away from those kinds of platforms. Sooner or later you will be confronted with their limitations. That's why I recommend WordPress!

Started as a basic blog platform in 2003, WordPress has evolved into a complete full blown content management system (CMS). With more than 60 million powered websites it's no wonder that this is the most used CMS on the Internet.

To give WordPress a unique look you will need a theme or template, there are litteraly thousands of themes online that you can download, some of them for free, or if you have knowledge of php code you can develop your own.

I'm using Brainstorm Force Astra Pro, an excellent theme that can grow with your needs. Another theme that I highly recommend is StudioPress Genesis.

To have more options in WordPress, you need to install plugins. Here is a list of plugins that I used on this website:

Beaver Builder, Beaver Themer, Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder, Pods, Pods Beaver Themer Add-OnColor Palette Generator, WP Photo Sphere, Custom FontsWP Rocket, Yoast SEO and Backupbuddy

Other plugins worth to mention (but not used on this website) are:

Dynamic Website Builder, ACFSlider Revolution, Essential Grid, The Grid, PowerPack Beaver Addons.

And last but not least if you really want to create your own CMS from scratch (with a little knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS) I recommend Interactivetools CMS Builder.

Have fun like me when building your own website!