A Roe Deer hiding in a corn field in Hingene/Bornem (Belgium).

Roe Deer

Flying Canada Geese at the Noordelijk eiland nature preserve in Bornem (Belgium).

Flying Canada Geese

A flying Great Egret at the Noordelijk eiland nature preserve in Bornem (Belgium).

Flying Great Egret

A Fox walking during sunrise at Zuidelijk Eiland in Wintam, Bornem (Belgium).

Walking Fox

Close-up of a Pheasant in Hingene/Bornem (Belgium).

Close-up of a Pheasant

A Northern Lapwing standing in a field in Hingene (Belgium).

Northern Lapwing

Close-up of a Song Thrush standing on a roof tile.

Song Thrush

Close-up of Emu Feathers at Planckendael Zoo (Mechelen/Belgium).

Emu Feathers

Close-up of an African Spoonbill in Planckendael Zoo (Mechelen/Belgium).

African Spoonbill

Ring-tailed Lemur sitting on a branch at Planckendael Zoo in Mechelen (Belgium).

Ring-tailed Lemur

Pheasant standing in a field at Nattenhaasdonck, Hingene (Belgium).


Great Spotted Woodpecker mating nearby Branst/Bornem (Belgium).

Great Spotted Woodpecker

European Robin standing on a branch.

European Robin

Long-tailed Tit standing on a branch at Kragenwiel in Bornem (Belgium).

Long-tailed Tit

A flying Blue Heron at the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Flying Blue Heron

Time-lapse of a hunting Buzzard in the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Hunting Buzzard

A Canada Goose landing on the water at the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Canada Goose

Close-up of a Zebra Mane at Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).

Zebra Mane

A Black-winged Stilt standing in the water at sunrise in the Camargue (France).

Black-winged Stilt

Flying Curlew Sandpiper at the Camargue (France).

Curlew Sandpiper

Flying Flamingos at the Camargue in France.


Squirrel Monkey sitting on a trunk in Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).

Squirrel Monkey

Raccoon sitting in a hole in an old tree trunk at Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).