Close-up of Caesar the Lion at the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo (Netherlands).


Close-up of a Cormorant at the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo (Netherlands).


A silhouette of a Belted Kingfisher at Guanacaste (Costa Rica).

Silhouette Belted Kingfisher

A Flame-tailed Pondhawk resting on a leaf at Palo Verde (Costa Rica).

Flame-tailed Pondhawk

Flying Pelican at a beach in Guanacaste (Costa Rica).

Flying Pelican

Close-up of a Southern Hawker in full flight.

Southern Hawker

Hoverfly sitting on a Thistle in Madeira (Portugal).

Hoverfly on Thistle

Madeiran Wall Lizard enjoying the afternoon sun in Madeira (Portugal).

Madeiran Wall Lizard

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