Flying Canada Goose

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Flying Canada Goose at the Hobokense Polder/Polderbos in Belgium.

A large brown goose with a black neck and white chinstrap. Overall size, bill size, and brown colouration variable across subspecies. Occurs in any open or wetland habitat, from city parks and golf courses to pristine marshes and Arctic tundra. Typically in flocks or family groups. Often seen in mixed flocks with Cackling Goose, especially in central and western North America. Canada Goose is almost always larger, longer-necked, and longer-billed than Cackling, although there is some overlap between the smallest Canada and largest Cackling. Abundant and widespread throughout the U.S. and Canada; rare in Mexico. Introduced and widely established in Europe. Listen for loud honking calls, especially as flocks migrate overhead in the classic V formation.

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