FujiFilm X100

I’m a very loyal fan of Nikon’s photo equipment. I was never interested in Canon, Sony or any other good-looking babe except, maybe, a platonic love for Leica.

So it’s time to confess. I cheated. I went to the other side, I touched another body, pushed her knobs, used her and enjoyed the view.

Since last week, I have had a secret relationship with the FujiFilm X100. The first time I saw this camera and its results, I fell for it.

View of FujiFilm X100
View of FujiFilm X100

I bought the FujiFilm X100 for city trips and as a general walk-around camera. There is now a hidden compartment in my backpack where I put the X100, so my first love, the Nikon, does not see her… You never know! Maybe the Nikon will blur my photos out of jealousy.

The most hyped camera of 2011 is everywhere in back-order, so if you want to buy this beauty, remember that they are hard to get! Luckily, I found one at the Dutch online store Kamera Express. I pimped my X100 with a red soft-release button located at match Technical Services.

For more information, check out the FujiFilm website: https://www.fujifilm.com

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