Photoblogs related withBirds

A flying Great Egret at the Noordelijk eiland nature preserve in Bornem (Belgium).

Flying Great Egret

Flying Canada Geese at the Noordelijk eiland nature preserve in Bornem (Belgium).

Flying Canada Geese

A Northern lapwing standing in a field in Hingene (Belgium).

Northern lapwing

Close-up of a Song Thrush standing on a roof tile.

Song Thrush

Close-up of Emu feathers at Planckendael Zoo (Mechelen/Belgium).

Emu feathers

Close-up of an African Spoonbill in Planckendael Zoo (Mechelen/Belgium).

African Spoonbill

Pheasant standing in a field at Nattenhaasdonck, Hingene (Belgium).


European robin standing on a branch.

European robin

Long-tailed tit standing on a branch at Kragenwiel in Bornem (Belgium).

Long-tailed tit

A flying Blue Heron at the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Flying Blue Heron

Time-lapse of a hunting Buzzard in the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Hunting Buzzard

A Canada goose landing on the water at the Polderbos in Hoboken (Belgium).

Canada goose

A Black-winged Stilt standing in the water at sunrise in the Camargue (France).

Black-winged Stilt

Flying Flamingos at the Camargue in France.


Flying Curlew Sandpiper at the Camargue (France).

Curlew Sandpiper

Close-up of an Emu with a bad hair day in Plackendael Zoo (Mechelen/Belgium).

Bad hair day

White stork standing in nest at Planckendael/Mechelen (Belgium).

White stork

A Western Jackdaw standing on a branch.


Trying to freeze the Hummingbird wings movement at Costa Rica.

Freeze a Hummingbird

Gray-lined hawk standing on a branch in Arenal area (Costa Rica).

Gray-lined hawk

A Belted Kingfisher sitting on a branch on the shore of the Rio Frio in Caño Negro (Costa Rica).

Belted Kingfisher

Amazon Kingfisher standing on a branch at Palo Verde National Park (Costa Rica).

Amazon Kingfisher

Snail Kite standing on a branch at Palo Verde National Park (Costa Rica).

Snail Kite

One of the birds on my bucket list the Collared Aracari, standing on a branch nearby the Arenal Volcano National Park (Costa Rica).

Collared Aracari

Lineated Woodpecker sitting on an old branch nearby the Arenal Vulcan (Costa Rica).

Lineated Woodpecker

Common Tern feeding his partner. The offering of fish by the male to the female is part of the courtship display.

Common Tern

Close-up of a Black crowned crane in Bioparc (Valencia/Spain).

Black crowned crane

Swallow standing on a branch at Delta de l'Ebre (Spain).


Close-up of a Cormorant at the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo (Netherlands).


Flying Pelican at a beach in Guanacaste (Costa Rica).

Flying Pelican