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A Roe deer hiding in a corn field in Hingene/Bornem (Belgium).

Roe deer

A Fox walking during sunrise at Zuidelijk Eiland in Wintam, Bornem (Belgium).

Walking Fox

Ring-tailed Lemur sitting on a branch at Planckendael Zoo in Mechelen (Belgium).

Ring-tailed Lemur

Close-up of a Zebra Mane at Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).

Zebra Mane

Raccoon sitting in a hole in an old tree trunk at Antwerp Zoo (Belgium).


Close-up of a Chimpanzee at Bioparc Valencia (Spain).


Meerkat standing guard at Bioparc Valencia (Spain).


Angry Silverback Gorilla at Bioparc, Valencia (Spain).

Silverback Gorilla

Close-up of Caesar the Lion at the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo (Netherlands).