The Importance of Photo Backups

The Importance of Photo Backups
Backing up your photos is a must these days. Since there are no longer hard copies of images, digital copies of photographs must be guarded like gold.

For me, it’s already the standard procedure: Once I arrived at home after a shoot, the first thing I do is a complete backup of all those images! Data loss is a very traumatic experience that, unfortunately, many of us go through at some point in our lives.

Backup, backup and again backup!

Centralising the data

I save all photos to a Synology DS920+ NAS or Network Attached Storage. The NAS is equipped with 4 Western Digital Red Pro hard drives and has a capacity of 16 TerraBytes. Once saved to the NAS, it automatically creates a double backup to two external Western Digital SSD drives. I recommend always doing a triple backup (or more) if something goes wrong with the NAS or one of the SSD drives. As an extra safety measure, the NAS can automatically backup to a Cloud service if needed. Centralising your data is crucial in case of a computer failure and makes duplication of data easy.

Synology DS920+
Synology DS920+
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I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.

Gilles Peress