The Popularity of Wildlife Photography

Since the introduction of digital cameras, wildlife photography has become very popular.

In the last couple of years, you often see large groups of people standing with their cameras and big lenses in the same natural spot. Is something going on? Are they Paparazzi and found a celebrity doing something obscure in the woods? They are most likely wildlife photographers gathering together to shoot all the duplicate photos!

Another example that wildlife photography is popular is the many promo emails I get, offering photographers group trips to exotic destinations to hunt for the perfect snapshots. That’s NOT my kind of wildlife photography. I have never felt the need to travel with a group. I prefer to go out on my own; in that way, I can decide where to go and how long to stay in a spot without worrying about what any of the other photographers need. Wildlife photography is a solitaire activity to search, discover and experience nature.

Who will have the most opportunities to see wildlife and take better photos? A group of people? Or the solitary guy, well camouflaged in the bushes?

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