Time-lapse of a Buzzard while hunting

Time-lapse of a Buzzard while hunting
When hiking in the countryside here in Belgium, you will definitely see hunting Buzzards above you.

They are the most spotted birds of prey here, flying in circles, searching for food like mice, frogs and other small animals.

My goal was to create a time-lapse from the moment the Buzzard spotted a prey until he dives to get it.

I could not identify the prey the Buzzard caught because he was flying quite high; until I got home and enlarged the photo, my guess is a frog.

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The Author
Time-lapse of a Buzzard while hunting

Dirk Beckers is a hobby wildlife & nature photographer living in Antwerp (Belgium). Fujifilm is mostly the gear I prefer but sometimes Nikon has a place in my bag. Aside from some exposure, sharpening, noise reduction and basic colour corrections, I don't spend much time post-processing my photos. I believe that good photographs are accomplished outdoors, in the field, and not in front of the computer. That's the essence of my photography. Click here for more.